Alexa, wake me at five!

Amazon  adds  a time-n-temperature display to its entry-level Echo Dot speaker

Bangalore, November 18 2019: 

Ever since it launched the Echo range of smart speakers, Amazon has been very creative in finding news ways to  get Alexa into our lives. The big jump came a few weeks ago when she began speaking Hindi. But in one teeny weeny detail, the makers  were upstaged: On this page, three weeks ago we reviewed the Lenovo smart clock, combining a smart speaker with a time display.  Nothing is exclusive for long -- and now Amazon has launched a new model  of its Echo dot mini speaker with an LED display  that can be set to show the time or the temperature -- or serve as a kitchen timer.

In other essentials it is the same as the Dot: a 1.6 inch speaker in a  chunky half kg  fabric-covered   body with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm audio outputs -- and the same smart, all-knowing lady  responding to your commands and queries. The Echo Dot With Clock costs Rs 4999, that's just Rs 1000 more than the plain Dot. ANAND PARTHASARATHY