Tile Mate Bluetooth tag: Forget me not!

TileMate  works so well as a Bluetooth tag because  it links you to a global community of users

Bangalore, October 7 2019: It's not just the very old who forget or misplace things like  hand phones, keys or TV remotes. It happens to the best of us -- which is why the Bluetooth-based wireless tracker has become so popular.  The TileMate brought to India by www.brandeyes.in  is not much different to look at from many such devices.  It's a small plastic encased tag weighing just 7.5 grams (with a  replaceable CR 1632 lithium coin battery), that you can put in a key ring or paste on a laptop or even a passport.  Once you have synced your phone to the TileMate,  you can make the tag ring to show where it is -- and in reverse, you can press the tag to make your phone ring.   The app  brings all other TileMates into a global view -- so that you are now  part of a large community which will help each other when something is lost  somewhere.  Rs 2499  a piece  or   if you want to tag multiple objects, four  for Rs 7999. Never lose anything again! ANAND PARTHASARATHY