Hotel rooms are becoming smarter, withAI-based TV

September 2 2019:Just like the humble  ceiling fan in your home, the TV in a hotel room has  been around for donkey's years, without any upgrade, simply because it is more of a tick in the box for compliance.

A hotel room TV has one job, to show a select bunch of channels, along with one channel that promotes the hotel property you're staying at. Unlike the wide choice of consumer TVs in the market, hospitality TVs haven't seen much action. Until now.

If you happen to stay at Andaz, the flagship of the Hyatt group, at Delhi's Aerocity, you'll notice that the entire in-room dining menu is available on the Samsung Hospitality TV, and you can use your TV remote to navigate through the menu and identify what you want. Having chosen what you want, you still need to punch a button on the phone and speak to a human being to order in. Once your food is billed, it is displayed on your TV, and throughout  your stay, you can keep track of all the money you've spent by clicking a button your TV remote. This is  the way the wind is blowing in the hospitality TV industry.

At an adjacent hotel to Andaz,  LG organized  a road-show last week  of its own  commercial TV range. As part of its Business Solutions , LG has unveiled a bunch of display devices, targeted at not just hospitality, but other domains like railways and public interaction spaces. 

The TV is  the central IoT hub of a  hotel room, intelligently control lighting, curtains, room cleaning, laundry instructions, and of course, in-room dining. The company  pays minute attention even to little tasks like deleting usage data of previous guests and personalizing the experience of the  guest, if he or she is a frequent visitor.

At its event in Delhi, LG also  launched the country's first 130 inches Direct View LED, which is the biggest ever LED screen in the market, an IP-rated outdoor display for rainy conditions, meeting room solutions and even interactive classroom boards. The message is loud and clear: It is not just the consumer TVs that are becoming cooler. Commercial TVs are becoming even smarter and will give you an immersive AI-driven experience in the days to come. VISHNU ANAND