Jivi N 3720: Heavy-duty phone for the 'other' India

This  feature phone  has a canny feel for what Bharat wants and delivers it  -- torch, power bank and all

Bangalore, August 26 2019: In its heyday, Nokia did a lot of research before creating mobile phones for Indian needs. It was the first to  add a torch to the handset, instantly becoming  first choice  of  millions. Most phones, today  even 'smart' ones,  include a  namesake torch. In an emergency , you have to fumble,  to hit the right spot on the touch screen. 

Which is why I am thrilled to  try out the Jivi N 3720 Power, a  very affordable, feature phone, whose sturdy body has a  physical  switch on its side. Slide it up and the phone becomes   a brilliant LED torch.  That is one of the thoughtful features of  a handset   whose  makers have a canny feel for what Bharat, rather than India  wants in a   good, basic phone. The other, is a jumbo sized 4000 mAh battery, that will keep the handset working for days  and  even double as a power bank to charge fancier, phones like the others on this  page. They have included a full sized USB port, for this eventuality.  Judging the tastes of its target market, they  provide a large speaker, which belts out  really loud audio from the built-in MP3/MP4 player or FM Radio. I can imagine a truck driver with the phone propped up on his dashboard,  driving to music he can hear above the engine noise.  And yes, the torch is bright enough to change a tire at night. The phone takes an additional 128 GB memory card and offers  no less than 3 SIM slots. 

For those who already own another phone, there is a useful pairing feature via Bluetooth, so that you can sync, calls, music, messages  or just use the N3720 as a  loud speaker for music. At 1799 it is solid ( literally!) value for its core customers.