Redmi K20 Pro: The fire-and-ice phone

July 22 2019: Xiaomi has adopted a fire and ice design philosophy for this design by offering a soothing glacier blue and a raging flame red. The phone itself is a combo of hot, trending features  and cool bells-and-  whistles, making it one of the most anticipated and talked about smart phones in  the last few months. The Redmi K20 Pro is the first device from Xiaomi with moving parts under the hood, resulting in a pop-up camera, that saves  real-estate around the screen. What additionally saves screen space is a 7th generation in-display fingerprint scanner. The 6.39 inches device comes with Gorilla Glass 5 on both front and  back, with a vertical design and colour flow which reacts differently to outdoor scenarios and low-light conditions. Watch out for the halo ring in the different colour variants of the device.

The Redmi K 20 Pro comes with a 48 MP + 13 MP + 8 MP back camera configuration, where the 48 MP one is the main camera, with a wide angle and telephoto lens respectively. In an industry first, this device invokes all the three lenses simultaneously to ensure sharper, more accurate images, even in low light. The front camera is a 20 MP pop-up module that has really cool 'guiding lights' that move around the corners of the lens, and also help you identify the lens in low-light conditions. Along with an AI portrait mode and automated fall protection, the pop-up camera on this device ticks the right boxes.

Powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset, which introduces a unique tri-cluster silicon architecture, with one prime, 3 gold and 4 silver cores, the K20 Pro is able to optimize performance, especially while gaming. Along with an 8-layer graphite cooling system for heat dissipation, the phone  offers a 2nd generation game turbo mode that enhances touch response, introduces night vision, and reduces network quality drops while gaming.

What makes the Redmi K20 Pro  an affordable flagship is the fact that it has added innovations to flagship features, For example, the edge lighting to a pop-up camera is a first in the industry, and it looks good, while being functional. Also, the glass back is a flagship feature but the light reflecting aura design is a tasteful enhancements. With similar innovations under-the-hood like dual frequency GPS, the K20 Pro is a good buy at Rs. 27,999 (6GB + 128GB), or Rs. 30,999 (8GB + 256GB). VISHNU ANAND