Double duty power bank

 This device is ready with both  Micro USB and Type C cables 

Bangalore, July 15 2019: It is  difficult to get terribly excited about unsexy workhorses like power banks.  They are mundane,  but    essential accessories for phones and tablets. That said, I cannot avoid a sneaking  admiration for the latest ACE 10000 mAh powerbank from Pebble.

The makers have answered the prayers of customers who own phones with two different types of charging ports: the standard  Micro USB and the newer, Type C.

Type C  phone owners will be particularly happy with this product since the majority of power banks don’t have the requisite port.  In addition to both type of ports,  the power bank also comes with two types of pre-attached cables…useful since they tend to get mislaid all the time.

And to complete the design, it is shaped very much like a phone, so  power bank and connected phone  can be held together in one hand( though personally,  I wouldn’t use the  phone while it is charging).  What more can one ask  for? Good value at Rs 1499.