Digitek DPWC-10W: Wireless Charger

Buy a small accessory and you can use this wireless charger with any phone

Bangalore, July 1 2019: It is time to kiss messy  mobile phone chargers goodbye, with  their wires snaking all over the place: Wireless chargers are here. And since  we first  reviewed them, in February,  they have become even more affordable.  All wireless chargers  use "Qi" technology which  makes  low electric  power jump  across small gaps. This is good enough to  transfer power from phone to a charging base on which you place  it.  

The makers of the DigiTek Platinum  wireless charger DPWC-10W  list a number of phones with built-in Qi technology: recent models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry etc.   Connect the charger to  a mains  socket  using your own phone charger cable  and place the phone on the base. If a blue LED glows, your phone is Qi ready -- and charging. If  it glows red,  don't despair. Buy a Qi patch for your phone for about Rs 500 and your ready to charge wirelessly. The DigiTek DPWC  comes for a very reasonable  Rs 999