Bluetooth speaker-umbrella

 This umbrella doubles as Bluetooth speaker and syncs with your mobile phone

June 24 2019: With the monsoon advancing slowly  across India, it's umbrella season once more. And for those who never want to be far from their music or their phone,  there is a  cool tool on offer this year:  the "Happy" Bluetooth -powered umbrella. The handle of this sturdy  and fairly large 40 inch (100 cms) automatic nylon fabric umbrella, doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, with  recessed ports for a USB charging cable, a microSD memory card to store your music on board and a 0.3 mm earphone socket.   An on-off button plus stop-start music controls also find space. 

Once you locate  and sync the umbrella under the name  "LiTai" on your mobile phone's Bluetooth finder, you can  play any music you may find with your hand set and also  make and take  hands-free phone calls. If singin' and talkin' in the rain is your thing, you can get the product from Flintstock.comfor Rs 1299.