Fossil Sport Smart Watch: for play and pay

10th June 2019
Fossil Sport Smart Watch: for play and pay

The touch screen of  Fossil's new Sport Smartwatch  is for  logging your jogging -- and paying bills
Bangalore, June 10 2019; Fossil has a 35-year history in marrying American technology to Swiss  horology, the science of  clocks and watches.   The new Fossil Sport Smartwatch  goes a step further  along the path , combining  wearable health tracking,  time keeping -- and the digital payment options that come from Google. 
This it does, by  leveraging Google's Wear  OS and Google Pay.  The 30 mm diameter touch screen  provides a clear display of time,  laps and lap timings, ambient temperature,  altimeter reading, heart rate,  messages pushed from your mobile phone  ( Android 4.4 or later or iOS 9.3 and later) and as much music as the on-board memory of 4 GB can hold.
Where the Fossil Sport scores, is in cannily integrating an NFC sensor that makes it compatible for  contact-less digital payments, which would otherwise need a  credit or debit card. An interesting combo of technologies to  play and pay at the same time, it retails in India  for Rs 17,995.