Samsung Galaxy S10 is a muscular action hero

Bangalore, March 11 2019: The S10+  is likely to be Samsung's  last big  release before it unveils a foldable avatar.

This is a stylish flagship that boasts of robust camera performance, a dramatic infinity screen and jumbo battery life. The drama begins with the 6.4 inches Edge Screen, Infinity -O, AMOLED display with an Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Samsung's curved edge screens have been favourites for people who take their multimedia experience seriously, and the combination of AMOLED and Infinity display, along with the in screen camera module, optimize the  device for content viewing. The fingerprint sensor reads the three dimensional contours of your thumb print, and securely unlocks the device, making sure the entire activity is spoof-free.

Having used the device for a few days, we found that the iris sensor was so effective, even in ultra low-light that you hardly need to use your thumb to unlock the S10+. The in-display camera on the right corner of the device has guiding lights that prompt you to look at it before your phone unlocks ultra fast.

The S10+ comes with a triple rear camera configuration: a 12 MP main camera that varies the aperture from f/1.5 to f/2.4 in real-time, a 12 MP telephoto lens,and an ultra wide-angle 16 MP clicker. When they work together,  they capture a monument or a sunset with real colours,  very  close to what  your eye would see . in the front is a dual selfie camera (10 MP main + 8 MP RGB depth sensor). It comes with an Instagram mode which means your head doesn't get cut off when you import your regular images to Instagram. Also, the Live Focus mode gives you real-time effects like zoom and spin, and a meter which allows you to change the magnitude of the effect. The device also suggests a best shot position for your subject.

What sets a flagship aside from regular devices is innovative use of technology like AI. Samsung's neural processing unit on the S10+  optimizes scenes based on an in-built algorithm and toggles between pro modes depending on lighting conditions and background. Samsung says its R&D centre in Bangalore has contributed heavily to the camera tech as well as to the  Bixby View AI enhancements such as an India-special collaboration with Myntra where you can virtually try and buy outfits.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is priced at Rs. 1, 17, 900 (a massive 1TB storage), Rs. 91,900 (512 GB), and Rs. 73,900 (128 GB). If a stylish and premium device for work and play is what you are looking for this summer, the S10+ is the device for you!