iRobot Roomba i7 & i7 +

04th March 2019
iRobot Roomba i7 & i7 +

New-gen robot cleaners map your room and clean it like a pro
Bangalore, March 4 2019: While everything else in your house is getting smarter -- from the TV to the refrigerator to the AC -- why not a home cleaning solution? Having a human being clean  up for you, might seem a waste of human effort, especially since technology today, is  smart enough to clean your household just as  -- if not more --  efficiently than a human being.
 The recently launched iRobot Roomba i7 and i7+ smart home robot use spacial recognition techniques to map the co-ordinates of your room and figure out the optimum path to clean the room. For every room, the Roomba 'remembers' a different map, which includes  aspects such as furniture, orientation, and co-ordinates. The iRobot sits at a central docking station for charging, and being given orders, it travels along the pre-mapped area  to clean the room. Being entirely app-based, you can operate Roomba while you are away from home, when there are no human beings present in the room  or any motion  to disturb the map.
Compared to earlier models, the Roomba i7+ self-empties the collected dust, by going back to the docking station and emptying the dirt into a collection chamber that can be  manually emptied, once the 'collection bag' is full in about a month. iRobot claims that its filter mechanism captures 99 percent of pollen, mold, dust mites, and cat and dog allergens. Roomba i7 automatically adjusts the height of the cleaning head so that while one brush loosens and agitates dirt,  the other moves in the opposite direction to extract and pull dirt in.  
And like many  smart appliances today, the i7 Roomba is Alexa-ready. If you have already set up an Amazon Echo, you can say: "Alexa, tell Roomba to start cleaning!" 
Roomba i7+ is priced at Rs. 89,990, while the i7, which comes without the dust collection bin, costs Rs. 69,900.  VISHNU ANAND