Pixel 3 XL takes imaging performance to the next level

Bangalore, October 29 2018: Every year, ahead of the Indian festival season, there is a rush of smartphone releases by every brand under the sun. Of them, a few automatically become flagships, especially ones that live up to the hype. This year,  the Google Pixel 3 XL leads the stakes.

This  device is like that big fat bully in class that pokes fun at everyone else. With its sheer imaging brilliance, the Pixel 3 XL becomes every aspiring photographer's favourite smartphone. For starters, the Google stamp on the device makes it the only YouTube Signature Device in the world, which means it is optimized for YouTube video streaming and downloads using lesser bandwidth than any other phone.The Top Shot feature on the PIxel 3 XL uses machine learning at the device level to take multiple shoots and chooses the best one based on an intelligent set of parameters, which goes into a granular level to identify if even one of the persons in a group selfie has blinked his/her eyes. Likewise, the Photobooth feature uses artificial intelligence to identify funny faces and responds by taking a snap at the right time, without you having to click the camera button. Having taking the shot at an incredibly high shutter speed, the Super Res Zoom ensures that the image is digitally zoomed to display the finest details in even low-light shots. Another interesting ise of AI is for the Motion Auto Focus mode in video where you can choose a subject and virtually circle it for it to remain in focus, though the subject moves.

Besides imaging features, the Pixel 3 XL leverages the best of Google's tech as well as machine learning within the device for what it calls 'digital well-being'. The Wind Down feature, which is synced with your Google Assistant reminds you to go into shutdown mode at night by turning your phone into monochrome and limiting app usage, thereby saving screen time, and power. A wellness dashboard also tells you how much you've used or overused your phone through the day!

Pixel 3 XL, with its mix of innovative features comes at an asking price of Rs. 83,000 (64 GB) and Rs. 92,000 (128 GB), and is available in white, black and a subtle pink. For a 6.3 inches fullscreen device, with Gorilla Glass 5, that comes pre-loaded with Android 9.0 Pie + Google Assistant, powered by a 3430 mAH battery, with a camera configuration of 12.2 MP dual pixel + 8MP, the PIxel 3 XL  carves out its position in the premium smartphone space.  VISHNU ANAND