D-Link COVR is mix-n-match all the way

08th October 2018
D-Link COVR is mix-n-match all the way

 The D-Link COVR is both affordable and elegant
Bangalore, October 8 21018: D-Link lives up to its tradition of attractively priced  networking solutions for lay users  with the COVR-C1203 Mesh WiFi  solution for the home.  It contains a set of 3  heart- shaped node units.  Connect one to your broadband cable  and the other two can be wirelessly coupled using a phone app  and placed  strategically anywhere in your home to get best coverage.
The 3-pack is rated to cover approximately 465 sq. metres ( 5000 sq. ft) of space -- more than enough for a 3-4 bedroom home. It is MU-MIMO -ready which  means the wireless standard it meets is 802.11ac, theoretically offering  1200 MBPS speed.
The 3 nodes each have its own  mains power connector and D-Link throws in additional cover pieces  so that you can code the units in 2 colours if you choose. This is a dual band system, which means the system can switch between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands at will. Good value at Rs 12,990.  ANAND PARTHASARATHY