Linksys Velop enables mix-n-match of Mesh nodes

The Linksys Velop  offers auto updates and future proofing

Bangalore, October 8 2018: Linksys, once a Cisco brand, and now part of Belkin, has always retained its identity as a respected name in data networking for home and small office. Known for a wide range of WiFi routers, it has smartly moved with the times to offer the Linksys AC 1300 Mesh WiFI system in a pack of 1( Rs 7999), 2 ( Rs 14,999) or 3 (Rs 21, 999) nodal units. This has the advantage that you can mix-n-match units and buy more if your home or office expands.

Velop  is a  802.11 ac  system with dual band operation and Mu-MIMO and as its   model name suggests, it can deliver a data speed of 1300 MBPS. While offering the advantage of app-based easy setup;  self optimizing network and   self healing, Velop  also works with Amazon Alexa. Which means, if you have installed an Echo speaker, you can always  say: "Alex, What is my WiFi password?" if you forgot it .

The units are much bigger and ( at almost 1 kg each) heavier than  some of the other  options, and I am guessing  lets Linksys build-in larger antennas.  In-built  flash and RAM memory allows it to get auto updated with new software.