iBall Frame speaker is literally a work of art!

 iBall has embedded a Bluetooth speaker inside a work of art

Bangalore, October 1 2018: The days of big  in-your-face speaker systems are over.  Now, it's all about  understated style. Bluetooth lets you ditch those ugly wires -- and now iBall has taken  subtlety a step further by embedding its latest  'Frame Speakers' in works of hangable art. 

In look and feel,  these can be mistaken for wall-mounted art canvases -- they come, complete with  pre-fitted  hooks and the required screws. But the discreetly-placed USB charging and microSD card slots tell you that  handsome painting  doubles as  a  full fledged  Bluetooth speaker-cum-FM radio.  The canvas is approximately 47 cms by 37 and weighs under 3 kg. Fully charged, it can play music from any wireless source for some 10-12 hours.  It  harnesses  something called  Metal Alloy Surface Acoustic Technology,  to get the sound out of the wood and canvas -- and the result is a mellow audio that,  with the right piece of music, can add style and class to your home. 

The Frame Speaker cost  Rs 11,999 and comes in a choice of  7   designs. One of them is blank: you can paint your own masterpiece. ANAND PARTHASARATHY