Nokia hits a sixer with the 6.1 Plus

New Nokia phone is an ode to Nordic engineering

August 27 2018: Understated design, attention to detail,  a solid  combo of glass and metal --  these are a few of my favourite things when it comes to Nokia phones.  The new Nokia 6.1 Plus  is true to the classic Nordic tradition of marrying  hardnosed  features to  a non-flashy exterior. It's 8 mm thick and   --  the thinnest -- but  achieves a screen-to-body ratio of 93% with an 19:9 aspect ratio. It sports a back panel where the  up-and-down dual cameras are  neatly nestled above the fingerprint sensor.  And at 5.8 inches   Full HD screen size,  it is ideal for single-hand usage. 

The 6.1 Plus  takes imaging performance seriously: with  a 16 MP + 5 MP back camera and a 16 MP selfie camera, dual flash and enhancements for better bokeh and low-light photography. Nokia has made sensible  use of  AI to provide blur-free photographs and jitter-free videos. Powered by a 3060 mAh fast charge  battery, the  device proclaims its  Android One  lineage with every switch on: This means stock Android,  automatic monthly updates  for the next two years and exclusive Google features such as integration with Google Lens for AI-powered image identification and translation. So buyers can soon expect an upgrade to the upcoming Android Pie 9.0  very soon.

The 6.1 Plus is powered by the Snapdragon 636 processor, and  uses this power to indulge  in a few  fun things, such as a #Bothie mode where the AI engine invokes both the front and rear cameras simultaneously with real-time masks and filters. It also allows you to stream live to Facebook and YouTube.

I am reassured that the old Nokia's maniacal focus on rugged but stylish design, still continues under the new  HMD licence. And   at Rs. 15,999  for the 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage   version, the Nokia 6.1 Plus  brings the solid value for which the brand  was always known. ANAND PARTHASARATHY