Dyson Pure Cool air purifiers

Dyson has combined the functions of  cool fan and air purifier

Bangalore, August 6 2018: British  inventor   Sir James Dyson's major claim to fame was the bladeless fan -- a project that reached here,  as made-in-China clones,  long before the original product.  Now  formally in India, Dyson has launched  its Pure Cool air  purifier here, having first understood the uniquely Indian challenge of  dust,  which   gives us the dubious distinction  according to WHO, of having 14 of the world's 15 worst cities for  PM or particulate matter

Available in two models: desktop  ( Rs 36,900) and floor standing ( Rs 43900), Pure Cool   makes the asking price more attractive by combining the functions of a bladeless fan and an air purifier.

An LCD display shows which  particles or gas is being sensed -- and displays the air quality reading, using lasers to measure ultrafine particles.  All air purifiers   useHigh Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA filters. Dyson splits them with activated carbon layers  to cover a 360 degree swathe. Their proprietary technology claims to push out 360 litres of purified air every second.

If you don't want the fan function ( in winter), Pure Cool switches to a purifier-only mode, blowing air towards the rear.  Breathe easy!  Available  at Amazon or Dyson.in