Easyfone Grand is a senior-friendly phone

The Easyfone Grand  won't  intimidate older users

Bangalore, July 16  2018: As fingers become arthritic and  eyesight dims,  the modern touch-based smart phone  offers too many challenges. Many seniors long for the uncomplicated  mobile phones of  an earlier era -- and  Seniorworld, a company which caters to senior citizens, gives them just that.

The Easyfone Grand   is a chunky and easy-to-hold phone, with  a large physical keypad and a 2.3 inch screen on which you can display the photos of 8 most used contact numbers. Helpfully, the phone can be set up remotely, ie you can gift it to grand dad and    set it up for him from your own phone, creating list of favourite contacts, setting up alarms  or an SMS to remind when it is time to take medicine. 

There is a large SOS button on the back which sets off a loud alarm and also alerts a select list of phone numbers.  The phone includes FM Radio and a  2 MP camera.

Thought has gone into small things:  the makers provide a nice cradle to recharge the battery without having to  look for wires and plugs.  For me the most useful feature was the  ability to amplify sound -- great for so many seniors who are a bit hard of hearing but don't use a hearing aid.|

At Rs  3990, this is a great solution for the older people in your home.