New Surface Pro is a thing of beauty

Think of the new Surface Pro as the Roll Royce of touch laptops.  Then find  a budget to match.

Bangalore, April 23 2018: Sixty years ago, advertisement  guru David Ogilvy, coined  what is still considered a classic catch line for a car: "At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock." With its  fan-less cooling and  packaging, one is tempted to say of the latest Microsoft  touch laptop: "At  60 words a minute, the loudest noise in the new Surface Pro comes from the  touch of the pen you use".

The  new Surface Pro doesn't look or feel too different from the previous ( 2015)  model, but the 7th generation Intel processor  under the hood is  beefier.  The 12.3 inch display remains outstanding  -- at 2736 by 1824 pixels, it  closer to 4K than 2K HD  -- and the twin 1.6 watt Dolby speakers ensure a superior  movie experience.  The   machine  is  basically  a tablet:  They have provided a kick-stand-- but it is awkward to place  on one's lap -- which somewhat negates  Microsoft's  categorizing this as a laptop.  Indeed, to make it a laptop, you have to buy the keyboard-cum-cover for an extra Rs 10,000 or so.  Depending on the configuration, the Surface Pro comes with 4 GB to 16 GB RAM and  128 GB to 512 GB of  solid state storage (internationally there is a 1 TB option as well).   The device is powered by one of  three different Intel processors  and  the  final price varies from  around Rs 65,000 to Rs 1.83 lakhs. I mention the price up front  because  the Surface Pro is clearly aimed at an elite customer  who doesn't have to count the rupees.|

Windows 10 Pro is pre installed;  but the Office  suite is a trial version only.  Buying a full version  is essential, to unleash the full  productivity and  potential of the  device-- and this  also needs a special pen, that costs an extra Rs 8,000. Because  you need to use the Paint 3D and One Note within Office to write and draw on the Surface Pro. The machine  has found favour with all manner of graphic artists  who also install additional tools from Adobe or Autodesk,   for their special needs. Such users  might also  go for the  ultra light  wireless  Arc Mouse that costs Rs  6399.   For all its lightness (around  770 grams) and generous screen size, the Surface Pro can keep going for some  13 hours on a full battery.  

I am  disappointed to see only one USB port; but otherwise the new Surface Pro is  a classy  companion for work and play, that  will appeal to buyers who are  more performance than price conscious. ANAND PARTHASARATHY