Shatter-proof AMOLED screen ...
MotoZ2 Force is a break-proof beauty

The Moto Z2  Force is a  sturdy  tool for  chronic camera clickers

Bangalore, April 16 2018: Since the    Moto Z2  Force  phone  was launched in the West some months ago, I had read about its shatter-proof  display. But my heart still missed a beat when, without warning,   the  Motorola executive at the India launch, threw the phone down on the hard floor without warning. Yes, it is indeed,   a screen that did not crack or  shatter.. a quality that I, with my increasingly arthritic fingers   can appreciate.

Add to this,   a good rear camera combo  with dual 12 MP lenses  that bulge out from the aluminium back, one optimised for colour, the other for monochrome.  You can shot first, focus latter, and  render the background hazy by stages, to achieve the so -called bokeh effect.  The selfie camera is a fairly standard 5 MP, but the on-board RAM is a hefty 6 GB.  The  built-in storage of 64 GB can be expanded  with a microSD card to  a whopping 2 TB -- not that I know of a 2TB card,  that I can buy in India or even afford.

The Active Matrix Organic LED (AMOLED)   display  comes with a quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and while its size is just 5.5 inches, it ensures stunning  quality even when viewing 4K video. The sound through the JBL speakers  is rather better than I have heard for many months now.   Moving with the times, the makers have provided a Type C USB port and killed the audio socket.

The built-in battery of 2730 mAh  is  just OK; but  the limited edition of    Moto Z2  Force  selling in India for Rs 34,999 comes bundled  , with one of Motorola's  plug in-Mods --  the TurboPower pack which  doubles the battery power and  would ordinarily cost an extra Rs 4000 or so. Twin SIM slots, 4G LTE network compatibility and  the latest Android 4.0 OS, round of the specs of this  sturdy handset,  whose 143 gram weight belies the power it packs. Anand Parthasarathy