Belkin Wireless Charging Pad is an elegant solution for phones

April 2 2018: For some days now, I have been trying out Belkin's  Wireless Charging Pad ( Model F8M747), a  thin disk-shaped device less than 100 grams in weight, with a non slip bottom and a USB to micro USB connector ( for charging.

Once charged (or even when connected to the mains)  it is ready to charge  phones and tablets wirelessly -- just place the Qi-ready phone on the pad.  An LED light starts flashing as soon as a phone is placed correctly  and is charging. 

I wish Belkin had provided the mains charger  for the pad  and not just the USB cable -- this is because it needs a 2A charging current and I had to search among my phone chargers for one.

Otherwise this is an elegant device  that provides a 5W charge -- enough for all phone makes.   For Vivo and Oppo phones I had to buy and add a Qi patch.

The Belkin wireless charger costs Rs 2999, though some e-commerce sites have it cheaper. ANAND PARTHASARATHY.

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