Oppo A83 has high-end features at a bargain price

11th February 2018
Oppo A83  has high-end features at a bargain price

The most popular AI-enabled features of the Oppo flagship have trickled down to a more affordable price band with the A83.
Bangalore, February 12 2018: The Chines brand Oppo has a faithful following in India after it  staked out its space as a selfie-friendly smartphone. Problem was  most of its Selfie Experts were  priced  on the wrong side of Rs 20,000,  keeping them out of the range of many  buyers.  Having handled some of these upmarket models, I am thrilled to get the same comfortable feel and  pretty much the same experience with  the recently launched Oppo A83.
The centre piece of any Oppo phone is its Artificial Intelligence fueled Beauty Recognition Technology.  And the tool is available with the A83 with all its bag of tricks -- a canny judgement of gender and age,  skin colour and texture  --  that subtly highlights all the good  features of a person's face. Yes beauty is subjective -- but  Oppo's technology  in its  8 MP front camera tries to help!
The  13 MP rear camera  can  shoot ultra HD quality -- a useful feature that combines multiple shots to  create a 50 megapixel image
The 5.7 inch  screen  is slightly better than 720p HD and the currently fashionable 18: 9  ekes  the max space out of the display area  with a very thin bezel.  The 3GBRAM is OK and so is the 32 GB storage expandable to 2546 GB. I like the little touches:   3 slots -- two Nano sims and a micro SD: theVoLTE add-on to the 4G connectivity that will allow you to  go all- data and  free-voice with a provider like Jio.  Another high-end  feature is the ability to unlock the phone by  aligning your face to it.  I am a bit disappointed that  in 2018, this is still Android 7.1 rather than 8.
Otherwise this is one solid performer  with features  that will seem generous for the asking price of Rs 13,990. ANAND PARTHASARATHY