iBall Musi Poison is a versatile Bluetooth speaker

21st January 2018
iBall Musi Poison is a versatile  Bluetooth speaker

Unlike many recent products the  'Musi Poison' is  designed to be  installed rather than worn.

Bangalore, January 22 2018: Hardly a week goes by without someone somewhere launching a Bluetooth speaker. They have almost identical specifications. But while recent products have been mostly units to be worn, iBall's Musi Poison is designed to be plumped down on a firm base to fuel poolside or indoor parties.
Multiple inputs modes are available --  microSD card, USB, 3.5 mm AUX --  on the wired side plus Bluetooth streaming from phone or player. The 12 watt output is adequate for most locations and a 1500 mAh battery  is good for some 4-5 hours of use. A blue digital display of track, volume, is a nice touch and so is the usefully programmable remote.You can take your phone calls  with the built in mike.
At under 400 grams this is a  good bundle for Rs 3999 that belies its light weight.