Acer Swift Special Edition is a classy portable

 Acer's glass topped special edition of the Swift 3 laptop makes a stylish statement

Bangalore December 26 2017: Laptops never died, they just became thinner, lighter -- and in the case of the Special Edition of the Acer Swift 3-- more stylish.  The Swift series  was Acer's answer to the ultra laptop  challenge,  sleek and highly portable machines that were built to be rugged  for users on the road.    The Swift 3 is a 14 inch model running Windows 10 Home edition -- a curious choice, considering this is  priced and built  with productivity features, where a professional edition of Windows makes more sense.

The RAM memory of 8 GB   will measure up to most tasks but  the 256 GB solid state storage is again  on the lower side.   The  1.6 GHZ Intel Core i5 processor is backed by a good graphics  chip, the NVIDIA GeForce MX 150, which might explain why  video played on the full HD display looks so good.  And sounds good and loud  -- thanks to the True Harmony twin speakers.

The HD camera is Skype-ready  and there is a generous quota of USB 3 and USB 2 ports together with a HDMI. The 3220 mAh battery promises to provide about 10 hours of usage.  For the security -conscious, they have built in  a finger print reader.  The Special Edition means  the laptop cover is toughened  Corning Gorilla  Glass rather than metal. At  just under 0.7 inch in thickness, and 1.8 kg in weight, the Swift 3  is  handy without sacrificing  strength. At the asking price of Rs 66199, it is not the most affordable -- but there is a price to pay for making a style statement.