Moto X4 offers innovative imaging tools

20th November 2017
Moto X4 offers innovative imaging tools

The new Moto X4 has a lot of hidden features that enhance your selfie experience
Bangalore, November 20 2017: Dual lens front cameras, real-time filters, bokeh modes... Most of these features were introduced this year and have gone on to become standard fixtures in most mid and high end devices. And just when we thought that there was nothing more to the camera experience, Motorola's latest offering - the Moto X4, comes along with a bunch of small but sensible enhancements to your experience of taking selfies.
The device allows you to take extra wide angle pics, thanks to its camera configuration of 12 MP back and 8 MP front camera with a wider aperture for better depth of field and wider panoramic coverage.  The X4 is the first Motorola device to incorporate a selective focus feature where you can choose to blur not just the background, but the foreground or any other portion of the image.  
Another interesting feature is the selective black and white option, where you can earmark a specific portion of the image and greyscale it. A natural offshoot of this feature is the reverse option where you can make the entire image black and white, and selectively colour a specific portion. To round off the list of the X4's imaging bells and whistles, there are AI powered object and landmark recognition features that identify objects and places in images and pull up relevant web pages about them.
The 5.2 inch full HD device comes with Corning Gorilla glass, and is IP68 water resistant. Design-wise, the all aluminium frame and glossy glass back make the X4 look quite premium with good hand feel. The lens setup at the back is housed in a sophisticated round enclosure enhancing its look further. The X4 also allows you to stream music from up to 4 wireless devices simultaneously.  It is powered by the Snapdragon 2.2 GHz 630 octa-core processor and takes dual SIMs for the 4G LTE network.
|One cool feature  --Quick Screenshot --  will appeal to  those who  need to do screen grabs: Just  place three fingers on the screen and hold  for a moment to capture a  shot of the screen.  Available in two memory configurations, the X4 is priced at Rs. 20,999 (3GB RAM  + 32 GB storage)  and  Rs 22,999 (4GB + 64 GB).
Vishnu Anand