Portronics Pro Genie: Palm-sized projector

Bangalore, October 24 2017: The Portronics Pro Genie is a  palm-sized cutie, weighing  about 200 grams. It    harnesses  the Digital Light Processor  (DLP)  technology  developed by Texas Instruments,  using an LED light source.  A small stand is provided and   you can connect DVD player, MP3 player , camera etc, to  USB  port, AV cable or HDMI. You can also save your  content on a microSD card and insert it into the projector.

he device needs to be connected to either headphones or loudspeaker ( not provided)  and works from AC mains. The image projects to about 80 inches diagonal and while  not  comparable to HD quality images, is adequate  for  videos or presentations . 

I think the biggest use will be for professionals  who need to set up their corporate presentations for small groups. The asking price  of Rs 29,999,  will seem  reasonable to them. ANAND PARTHASARATHY