Redmi Note 4 hits a boundary

Enhanced battery performance, symmetrical design and an optimized screen – the Redmi Note 4 packs a range of innovative features in a 5.5inch  shell

Bangalore, February 4 2017: A few months back, Xiaomi wowed made mid-range smart phone buyers in the country with the Redmi Note 3, which went on to become one of the most popular smartphones of 2016.

Last week, Xiaomi did an encore by launching the next device in the Redmi note series at exactly the same starting price as the Redmi Note 3. The Redmi Note 4 has made its global debut in India, and the device is an interesting mix of under-the-hood performance as well as design frills.

At the heart of the device is the Snapdragon 625 processor which is being touted as one of the most efficient processor so far in 2017. One of the main reasons for the claim is the fact that it comes with the 14nanoi meter FinFET technology, which allows it to juice out 25% more power efficiency from the device. Redmi Note 4 comes with a 4100 mAh battery with an Adreno graphics card allowing gaming enthusiasts to go about their business without having to charge their phones too often. The device offers  13 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras, with Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) which is pretty much standard these days. However, Xiaomi already has impressive imaging and picture enhancement features that the Note 4 leverages well.

While Xiaomi devices have always focused on performance at an affordable price, synchronization of design elements was never the priority. The Note 4 changes this reputation. With a metal body and aluminum lines (the device is just 5mm at the thinnest point), the device is designed in perfect symmetry. The speaker grills at the back panel are center aligned with precision, along with the camera, the flash and the fingerprint scanner. Even in the front, the headphone jack, the lens and other elements are perfectly aligned. While this may seem like a small enhancement to earlier variants, it is a design and R&D challenge to accommodate all these elements in a small frame, to aesthetically make sense.

We took the device around for a spin and were happy with its overall performance. The camera did not heat up even after heavy usage, the battery life was impressive and camera performance is good. The device works seamlessly across bands 3, 5 and 40 and comes with VoLTE support. The Redmi Note 4 will feature Android N and is currently available on in Dark Grey, Gold and Black. The device is priced at Rs. 9,999 (2GB + 32 GB), Rs. 10,999 (3GB + 32 GB) and Rs. 12,999 (4GB+64GB).  VISHNU ANAND