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Zebronics Zeb VR: Disrupting the headset market

An Indian company  has innovated to make VR affordable for the rest of us.

Bangalore, April 23 2016:  The Chennai-based Zebronics  has launched  the Zeb VR  and its  thick foam padding and pair of focus-adjusting lenses   make for  comfortable  headset that  at Rs 1600 is  as good a fit as  global brands costing Rs 10,000 and more.  

And Zebronics has removed one pain point:  the Zeb VR can be used with any make of smart phone up to 6 inches  in size.  The smartphone mount in the headset is soft cushioned with magnetic lock for the adjustable front cover, which ensures that your phone is aligned well with lenses.  Of course, it can also be combined with Zebronics ZEB-75WG Bluetooth Gamepad  for playing VR-ready games..  At less than 103 grams this is one of the lightest VR headsets currently available -- an important consideration.

The problem with all VR sets is what do you do with it.  To some extent Zebronics  has solved the problem by making its headset compatible with Google Cardboard apps -- and being the big gorilla in this business Google  is seeing a growing collection of free 3-D and VR friendly apps available