LG Nexus 5 X: Barbie's favourite smart phone!

16th November 2015
LG Nexus 5 X: Barbie's favourite smart phone!

If Barbie owned a smart phone, it has to be the LG Nexus 5. Lot of plastic and a smooth UI to complement it!

November 16 2015: No, we are not saying it's a bad phone. We just believe there is too much plastic in the phone, at a time when we are used to really lightweight metal phones that look stylish.
Having said that, the is one of the smoothest smart phones we have seen this year -- a really smooth plastic shell which makes the device snuggly fit in your palms.
The Nexus 5X features Android Marshmallow in its purest form. No frills and no add-ons  to how the operating system is intended to look and perform. A range of optimized Google features like Instant Google Now and Search Apps give Android enthusiasts a lot to cheer about. With an in-built battery optimizer, you don't have to worry too much about the new operating system sucking too much juice.
What you do need to worry about, though,  is the USB Type C charging slot of the Nexus 5X. Every charger and USB device you've owned so far is useless, you need  to carry  a USB Type C adapter in order to charge your phone and transfer data.
Specs wise, the 5X presents an interesting mix. The 5.2 inch device comes with a 423 ppi Full HD IPS display with special In-Cell Touch technology that enables faster recognition, better outdoor visibility and crisper images. It is powered by a Snapdragon 1.8 GHz processor, and comes with a 12.3MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera.
Like most smart phones released in the latter half of this  year, the Nexus 5X too features fingerprint recognition and the fingerprint scanner is conveniently located in the back panel, well-contoured to allow easy access and unlocking.
The Nexus 5X comes in two variants. The 16 GB version is priced at Rs. 31, 990 and the 32 GB version comes at an asking price of Rs. 35,990. Both devices come with 2 GB  RAM. With an asking price above 30K, we seriously expected some metal in the phones. But yes, the new Android experience makes up for it. If you like toughness on the inside, the Nexus 5X is a good premium buy. The devices are available at LG stores and retail outlets, in addition to the Google Store. 
Vishnu Anand