QHM485 headphones: Sound proposition!

Bangalore, November 9 2015: 

If there's one thing I hate, it's using the tiny in-earpieces that phone makers  throw in free.   Our ears  are differently shaped, so how come they assume one size fits all? 

So I am thrilled that Delhi -based QHMPL has launched  a pair of  wired,  on-the-ear stereo headphones,   QHM 485, with the neck/head band, cleverly foldable, so that it  collapses into a very small-n-light  package indeed.   

The makers have added noise cancelling functions to the tiny mike on the cable. There's no  volume control so you have to use the controls on the phone or  tablet  or MP3 player, you  are connecting.   But the music comes over  rich and loud.  

At just Rs 299,  this is a great  gift for  your  friends  -- or for yourself this week (shut out all  that phataka noise)!  Shop carefully:   on  major  online shopping sites it is  even cheaper!  Anand Parthasarathy