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Penta T-Pad Model WS704DX: Lead a double life!

September 28 2015: For some days now,  we  have been trying out an unpretentious tablet that lets you  play the double role that many are forced to adopt.  It does it simply:  by  including two SIM slots -- a rarity on most tablets, even the priciest ones. 

Both are 3G enabled:  So you can 'declare' one SIM  to your employers and use it to  address  all those business chores. The other SIM you keep private  -- for your time-pass activities:  movie watching, music downloads or whatever.  Yes, you can lead a double life with the Penta T-Pad Model WS704DX  and no one will know! Of course  you can latch on  to free  WiFi  hotspots too for your personal downloads.

The other specs are fairly standard  for a 7 inch tab:   a 1024 by 600 pixel screen; 1 GB RAM, 8 GB  DDR3 memory expandable to 32 GB;  Dual cameras (a wee under powered  with  2 MP rear with flash and 0.3 MP front); a dual core processor with a graphics co-processor. For a 2015 release   we would have thought the makers  should have loaded a later version of Android than 4.4 Kitkat.  We  liked the  clean basic user interface, uncluttered by a lot of free ware ( except Qikr)  and at just  over half a kg, this is a truly portable  compute-phone device . If you don't want to look ridiculous, clapping a  7 inch  slab to your ear, you may like to invest in a earphone.

 At Rs 4999 this is  good  value . BSNL partners with Penta tablets   for their data SIMS.


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Penta T-Pad Model WS704DX: Lead a double life!
by Carlie on March  13,  2017
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