ASUS ZenPower: solid power backup

Mobile phone makers launch own-brand powerbanks.

Bangalore, May 20 2015:  We  at IndiaTechOnline, recently  surveyed recently launched  third-party power banks  ( Pocket Power )  and  suggested how best to use them  (Stepney Power!).  Our technology trend report has been overtaken by an interesting development: the launch of  own-brand power banks by mobile phone makers.

These powerbanks work with all makes of phones - but their power rating is carefully tailored to provide 2-3 full charges for the maker's own flagship phones. Huawei  has recently launched the AP007 Honor, a  13000 mAh   power bank  which costs Rs 1399  and is obviously aimed at users of the Honor phone range.

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank packs  10400mAh  for just  Rs. 999   and is capable of 2.5 recharges for the Mi 3 and  4.5 full charges for  the iPhone 5s.

We got to try out the latest launch in this category:   ASUS ZenPower  which offers 10050 mAh in a compact package that the size of a credit card  -- but the comparison is misleading because it is  about  2 cms thick  and weighs 215 gms. It can give 2.4 charges to the recently launched ASUS Zenfone2, which runs on  a 3000 mAh  lithium ion battery.

It comes in a thick aluminium casing which can take a bit of rough use  and the makers claim it has PowerSafe Technology  which  monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits.  Since we didn't test  either power bank or phone to destruction, we can only take their word for it.

The charging current is 2.4 A which considerably reduces the charge time when compared with  most of the smaller capacity  1A charges. An at this current and mAh rating the ZenPower can also charge most  tablets.  It costs  Rs 1499.