Amazon Kindle Voyage: Browse books for free

If you an avid e-reader, then you might consider the new Kindle Voyage with better display and slim frame.

April13 2015: Amazon recently announced the launch of its 7th generation e-reader in India, the Kindle Voyage -- with free 3G. The free connectivity supported in over 100 countries including India,  allows users to access the Kindle store to shop and download books with no data charge. But there is a catch; it only works for purchases on the Kindle store. You’ll need a separate Wi-Fi connection for browsing other websites  or checking email.  

Amazon has maintained the 6-inch screen size for the Kindle Voyage, but has upgraded the resolution to 300 ppi for better sharpness and contrast.  One more addition is the adaptive front light, which automatically adjusts to ambient conditions.  We didn't find that  too  helpful compared to the manual brightness setting option. It also features an anti-glare, micro-etched, flush-front glass screen that provides convenient reading under bright light. Overall, the Kindle Voyage gives easy-on-eyes reading experience, thanks to the Carta e-paper technology.

Design wise,  the new Kindle features a magnesium cover at the back and a flush glass in the front, which offers durability and scratch resistance. There are also clever    buttons, which the  turn pages for you,  by sensing your finger pressed on the bezel. For those who like to read for hours, the Kindle Voyage might be an ideal choice as it weighs just 188 grams (lightest Kindle till date) and features a thin frame of 7.6 mm. At Rs. 16, 499, the Voyage is costliest in Amazon’s line.

If you are an avid e-book reader and don’t mind paying extra for the upgraded features and design, then this might be a good option.  - V. Sudhakshina