Camera phone apps

From  catching phone  thieves to translating on-the-go,   your phone-camera can do much more than click pix.

By V. Sudhakshina 

The camera on your smartphone  can do more than take pictures or selfies. Here are some  useful apps that take your phone-camera to a different dimension:|

Scanning on-the-go

The CamScanner app turns your phone into a portable scanner. You can scan and share your documents on the go with this app. It also lets you crop, edit, and enhance picture quality. The app enables  you password-protect your docs, much like  document editing software on the desktop/laptop. 

CamScanner is available for download on Android and iOS.

A similar app called Office Lens is available for Windows Phone users.

Burglar proofing your phone

The phone thief can no longer say ‘catch me if you can’. With the iGotYa app, you can identify the ‘thief’ who is attempting to hack into your phone. The app snaps a picture of anyone trying to access your device with an incorrect security code and sends it to your email id.

The app is available for Android at Rs. 79.99.

Language no bar!

Now you don’t have to refer a dictionary for deciphering  foreign language phrases when travelling abroad:   Word Lens will instantly do it for you, in real-time. The app uses your phone’s built-in camera to read and translate printed words. Users of this app have successfully translated signboards in many  foreign countries. The app is best used on clearly printed text (e.g. signs, menus). It's not perfect, but you can get the general meaning.  Word Lens currently supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

This app is available for free download  for  Android and iOS.

December 22 2014