Portronics Glitz: This Bluetooth speaker is a mini powerhouse of sound and light

‘Lighting up your life’ assumes a literal meaning if you happen to own  the Portronics Glitz wireless speaker. With Bluetooth, 'Aux in' and NFC connectivity options, you can pretty much sync music from any source and play it on the Glitz speaker – a snug but sturdy piece of hardware that resembles the minimalistic speakers you find at apparel showrooms these days.

The glitzy part  of the device is its LED theme lighting which ‘dances’ according to the beats of the music you play. The device has five preset theme options, ranging from slow and classy to outright gaudy and loud. Depending on your mood and the music you are playing, you can choose any of the five. Though not  explicitly mentioned, we found  you can also use the device as a standalone dancing light device, without the music, as mood lighting or your room at night.

The Portronics Glitz comes with an in-built Micro SD card slot enabling you to play music straight from your flash card. Volume and track selection buttons are available on the device itself. Charging is through the Micro USB slot charger, and if you wish to use the Glitz as a wired player, you can use the 3.5 mm cable to connect your device – say, your smart phone – directly to the device. The NFC function is very useful  to tap-and-connect to your  NFC-enabled phone music player.

The Glitz comes with a snazzy pouch making it easy to carry around, and multiple cords for charging and aux sync up. Light,  yet sturdily built, with about 70 percent of the  real-estate lavishly dedicated to the LED lighting panel, we think  it’s a good buy at Rs. 4999.

November 24 2014