iPhone6 Plus: More phablet than phone

By  V. Sudhakshina

Bangalore, November17 2014: In its  latest phone release ,  Apple seems to have used the word 'Plus'  in the fashion sense  of oversized -- and why not?  Every iPhone is  a fashion statement in the hands of its user.

Considering the dramatic jump to  the 5.5-inch screen size, one wondered if it was  too big to handle? We think iPhone 6 Plus is big but  not bulky thanks to its ultra thin 7.1 mm frame.    But it still needs two hands to  navigate most functions.

The  full HD resolution at 401 PPI  and full Retina HD display produce crystal clear images while dual-domain pixels help  wide angle viewing. The phone adjusts smartly ambient conditions, so you can easily view the screen in low light or  in sunlight.

Apple  is still conservative when it comes to camera resolution, offering a measly 1.2 megapixels ( MP) front and 8 MP rear camera.  But such is their technology that the picture quality   matches that of its higher megapixel  competitors.

The bio-metric finger print sensor  which lets you add multiple finger-prints, is a great short cut to securing the device.

The Apple iPhone 6 plus price starts at  Rs 62,500 for 16 GB,  Rs 71,500  64 GB and Rs 80,500 for the  128 GB variant...  but hardcore iPhone premis  may not complain, especially those who want  a cross over device on the road from phone to tablet.  Maybe they should  call it the iPhab!  ( IndiaTechOnline)