PowerTV 303 USB TV stick and 306 LCD TV tuner: TV on your PC

Solutions for viewing and recording TV content on your laptop or LCD monitor

Bangalore, October 6 2014:  The  PowerTV 303 USB stick is a useful accessory for those who want to view  available TV content on their laptop or notebook and  selectively record programmes for future offline viewing after converting the analogue signal to a choice of digital formats.   You can even turn your notebook into a personal video recorder and  record a furture TC programme using the time  shift feature. The programme can be recorded on your hard disk or on a DVD.

You can also capture still shots from live TV.  The stick plugs into your laptop and operates through a remote.  The TV side connection  is made through a choice of 3-line video connector or the coaxial cable connector.  Available from Asia Powercom for Rs 2299.

The same company has also  launched  a solution for those who want to   view TV signals on their laptop or LCD display monitor, when they dont have a TV. The Power TV 306 LCD TV tuner   can be used with a set top box  to provide full HD  pictures. It costs Rs 1999.