Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: A full feature Android computer-- in your hand

26th May 2014
Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: A full feature Android  computer-- in your hand

Bangalore, May 27 2014: Connect  the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect device to a PC monitor or a TV and you have a fully functioning Android- based computing system, as good as any Tablet PC. If your screen is not a Touch device, you can always latch on a keyboard and mouse.
TheCloud Connect  is  not  --yet -- a device aimed at  lay users.  Rather, says Santosh K. Pandey,  Country Manager of the Dell company, Wyse Technology Sales and Marketing India, it is aimed at enterprises which  plan on riding the wave called Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD), by letting  staff  seamlessly access  their work in office or at home -- or on the road.  Many employees are hassled by having to  carry a heavy laptop to and from their work place, and on tours. The Cloud Connect is so small you can it in purse or pocket.
It can be connected to a display or TV or you can  use your smart phone as a display, with the HDMI or MHL ( Mobile Hi-Definition Link) port.  The device is powered by a  Dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM System-on-Chip (SoC) with  1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of  on-board flash storage  -- which is similar to any good Tablet. You can expand the storage  to an extra 72 GB,  with a plug-in  Micro SD Card. The device   can latch on to any nearby WiFi network for Internet and to Bluetooth  to connect any peripherals like a keyboard. The operating system is Android 4.1 Jellybean.
The strength of  the device for corporate use is that  employers can tailor it, any way they please,  to work with  Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft or other cloud-based enterprise virtual PC systems. This means  the user will   stay  within  the secure office network, no matter where he  or she is working.
Dell is targeting enterprises, but  it  will sell the Wyse device to anyone -- and may  discover  that   lay consumers  too, find the idea of a pocket PC too good to resist!

The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is available globally for $149  which is around Rs 10,000 in India. More details here