SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive: Both sides now!

14th April 2014
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive: Both sides now!

It was Albert Einstein who said once  about  Life's really big  problems : 'When the solution is simple, you  can hear God thinking." Some of the greatest scientific challenges have finally been  reduced by great  thinkers into a startlingly simple  solution. I don't  want to overhype  the latest USB drive launched by SanDisk, but  seems to me, it falls into that rare category of a  starkly  elegant solution to a problem that has bugged most of us who have tried to  swap data  -- photos, music, movie clips,   office files -- between a handheld device like a phone or a tablet and a  PC of any kind. 
The geniuses who thought up all those phone operating systems including Android,  apparently forgot to  make allowance for this very common and frequent requirement: how to upload or download files  from phone to laptop or vide versa.
There is no easy way because  the micro USB connector that comes with  most portable devices  doesn't mate with standard USP port of desktops, laptops and   Most of us  have to get around the problem by  mailing the files to ourselves then opening the mail on  the other device -- speak of inefficiency and waste!
SanDisk is  as far as I know, the first to  come up with a USB drive that provides a solution that will make you say:"Why didn't  they think of that  before?!" The  SanDisk Ultra Dual USB  drive  comes in  three capacities  from 16 GB  to 64 GB. It offers  a micro USB connector on one side and a standard USB 2.0  on the other.  You stick  the micro connector  into your phone ( almost all popular brands will fit);  copy the files you want to transfer from phone to drive. Then stick it into a laptop or desktop PC using the standard connector and  transfer the files. That's it.
Yes, I know, you can achieve this by carrying extra Micro USB -to-Standard USB cables, with a male to female connector thrown in  -- but how much simpler the SanDisk  dual is!
The Dual USB drive costs from Rs 1199 to Rs 3800 for the 16 GB to 64 GB sizes.
Small note of  caution. While the  drive will work with the vast majority of phones and tablets, there are a few which use a slightly thicker and wider micro USB connector which the literature calls Micro AB or  mini USB depending on where you're looking. I have one make of tablet  with this connector and slightly older phones might come with this ... in which case you are back  to the old game of multiple convertor cables. Also SanDisk's dual drive is USB 2.0... and  I'm guessing they won't wait long before launching a USB 3.0 version. More info here

Anand Parthasarathy , Bangalore, April 14 2014