SpeedSecure Pro: 2-in-1 PC security & tuning solution

17th July 2012
SpeedSecure Pro: 2-in-1 PC security & tuning solution

July 17 2012: We live in dangerous times – online. The unmatched advantages of having the Internet -- literally – at one’s fingertips extracts a price: the lurking threat from cyber baddies.

Which is why most of us who don’t choose to live dangerously, opt to install on or other of the many Net security products on offer. It is difficult to stand apart from the crowd of offerings in this niche, but PC Visor Pte Ltd, a Singapore based player with an Indian operation ( PCV Infotech) might have succeeded in doing just that.
They have cannily combined two items on the must-have list of lay users -- Net Security and System tune-up or optimization – and combined them into a single product: Speed Secure Pro. And they have gone to market leaders in both cases: McAfee for the anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall features – and the best selling US PC tune-up tool, System Mechanic.
McAfee’s AV tools are fairly well known in India – it was a respected brand even before it was acquired by Intel and continues to be available as stand alone Net Security and anti virus tools
System Mechanic includes useful functions like drive corruption test, Internet speed test and memory manager. It proved quite efficient in our test, in addressing registry issues – cleaning out the junk that remains on the PC after numerous install and uninstall operations. As we know from bitter experience, the uninstall operation rarely removes all traces of a programme. 

At Rs 799 the combo is what we in India would rate ‘paisa vasool’ or money’s worth -- the System Mechanic basic tool itself would cost more. The software works on versions of Windows, XP and later. The makers have another solution called PC Visor for enterprises.
We are a mite unhappy that buyers of the package do not get the software they paid for, on a disk or pen drive, but are asked to go to a site, www.UnBugMe.com  to both download and activate it. This may be fine for if you bought the software online, but not customer-friendly to those who buy a shrink wrapped product and expect to get the software on medium they can use at their will and pleasure – albeit for just one year. A minor quibble about an otherwise robust product.