Bladeless fan: an elegant option for computer-tethered professionals

An elegant new table top fan that is available in India, mostly through online buy sites and shops selling "imported" gadgets will make for a --literally--cool new accessory on the desks of professionals . For that matter it will be a silent and nice looking bedroom gadget as well -- providing a uniform curtain of air, without the noise and jerky operation of conventional balde-based table fans.

The technology is about 3 years old -- and the brainchild of serial inventor and British industrial designer Sir James Dyson. He calls it an Air Multiplier though it has come to be known on the web as the Bladeless Fan ( this is the search term you need to use to find an Internet e-commerce site).

Time magazine explained the principle: "Every model from the classic 1950s table fan to the industrial exhaust fan has one consistent, characteristic feature: rotating blades. But Dyson did away with those, replacing them with a graceful ring set atop a cylindrical base. In essence, the device works like a vacuum cleaner in reverse. The motor in the base of the fan sucks in air and pushes it up into the ring. The air rushes out of tiny, millimeter-long slots that run along the circular frame and flows down a gently sloping ramp. As the air emerges from the ramp, it creates a circular low-pressure region that pulls in the air from behind — creating a fairly uniform flow of air through the ring....." (,8599,1931455,00.html#ixzz1sCB5iG59

There are no moving -- or noise making) parts -- so its absolutelky safe with childre. It consumes the power of a 40 watt bulb and can be rotated and tilted. Many models also include a light.

The original Dyson Air Multiplier sold for around $ 30 but current prices of Dyson originals ( the 12 in diameter size) are around $199.

What is offered in India by multiple online sellers seems to be a clone made in the East, possibly Malaysia. One doubts Dyson has a hand in these offerings, because the price ranges from Rs 7000 in malls to between Rs 3000 and Rs 4500 online.

We have included a video for a few days in our Tech Video spot where Dyson explains his invention ( also dodges some leading questions about his Tory party aspirations).

At IndiaTechOnline, we alert readers to all tech developments and interesting gadgets -- Readers can decide whether they want to buy the original or the cheaper clone... but the bladeless fan remains a cool new tool for your desktop or bedside.

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April 16 2012