AOC USB monitor e1649Fwu: Look Ma, no power cable!

24th January 2012
AOC  USB monitor e1649Fwu: Look Ma, no power cable!

New Delhi, January 25  2012: Now, a  useful PC monitor that needs  just one connection – through USB for both signal and power – that’s what the AOC USB Monitor brings to India The 15.6 inch has full HD specs @ 60 Hz; supports Windows XP/Vista/7, MacOSX and Linux; is  light weight ( just  under 1 kg) ultra thin at a whisker over 1 cm thick and consumes just 8 watts,
The e1649Fwu comes with a a flexi stand that rotates by 90° to accommodate portrait or landscape mode and instantly transforms into a digital photo frame or presentation display.

Possibly for the first time, one has the option of adding a large display to a laptop, notebook or tablet – with just one USB connection. . It comes with a CD containing DisplayLink drivers and a Y-shaped USB cable with two connectors in case your laptop does not deliver enough power through a single USB port.   The display is bright -- Typically one would use it as a second display for sharing with more people or just to enjoy video on a larger screen. However  the latter  is not a good option because video over USB  tends to get  slowed  and choppy. The maker AOC is a subsidiary of Hong Kong based TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer.

The AOC 16-inch USB Monitor will be availableFebruary  at an MRP of Rs. 4990.  and might be good value if you need to share your netbook screen with  more viewers -- in a small meeting or discussion.