Sanjay Trisal to be regional GM for AppsFlyer

March 16 2921:  AppsFlyer, the global attribution and marketing analytics leader,  has appointed Sanjay Trisal as General Manager of INSEA/ANZ (India, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand). 

Earlier, Sanjay was AppsFlyer India’s country manager for almost 6 years, and has grown AppsFlyer’s presence in India across all verticals and domains.

During the shift to Work From Home in early 2020, Sanjay has set up a successful strategy that ensured productivity results soared, and backend processes remained intact for the team in India.

In this newly created role, Sanjay will be responsible for AppsFlyer’s regional growth over multiple markets across India, Southeast Asia, and Australia and New Zealand, and improve cross-border collaboration and ensure smoother efficiencies across teams.

Based out of India for the time being, Sanjay will also oversee, plan, and coordinate operational strategies in INSEA/ANZ.

With AppsFlyer having expanded into Australia and New Zealand in November 2020, Sanjay will also play a critical role in strengthening AppsFlyer’s commitment to the ANZ region.