Parimala Hariprasad to be India Delivery Director for software testing specialists, PASS

Bangalore, May 27,  2014:  Parimala Hariprasad  is to be the new  Bangalore-based Delivery Director  for PASS Technologies, one of Europe's leading on-demand software testing services providers.

Parimala is a Software Testing Professional with more than a decade of leadership and testing experience. She has proven expertise in test delivery excellence, test coaching and building scalable organizations. In her previous role, she single handedly set-up a start-up testing division which provided professional testing services to a large number of start-up firms across the globe. She was also instrumental in setting up an Academy, the first of its kind “Kung Fu School of Testing”. The academy produced some of the industry acclaimed top quality test professionals.

Prior to joining PASS Technologies, Parimala was associated with Moolya Software Testing Private Limited, a Bangalore based Testing Services Provider. At Moolya, she was a core member of the leadership team and played a pivotal role in inception and growth of the firm. During her tenure, the company achieved tremendous growth in the international market. She has also worked with Oracle, McAfee and Consona (erstwhile SupportSoft), serving global clients from different industry domains including CRM, Security and Healthcare.Says Parimala: “It is an honor to be a part of PASS management team. I look forward to applying my expertise and significantly contributing to the growth of the company”.

Parimala is a published author with many testing magazines like Testing Planet, Testing Circus, TechWell, Stickyminds and Better Software. She has also contributed a sidebar on Distributed Testing Teams in an upcoming agile testing book (to be published soon). She often speaks at software testing conferences and participates actively in conferences on software development, design, UX, storytelling and writing.

PASS is one of Europe's leading on-demand software testing services providers, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. PASS has been delivering testing services to global clients including fortune 500 firms across different industry sectors. PASS operates global delivery centers in Europe, India and the U.S., offering an integrated testing delivery model that combines the classic outsourcing services with their unique ‘passbrains’ crowdsourced testing solution.