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TeliBrahma launches a digital media tool for retailers to target nearby customers

 Mumbai, February 11,  2013: India’s leading mobile advertising solutions company TELiBrahma,  has launched  “Brandclub, a digital media solution which allows retailers to target customers who are  close by their outlets.

Upon connecting to Brandclub through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, consumers can access information  like new arrivals, coupons, menus, offers and other promotional content from the store they are in, as well those nearby, right on their mobile phones without having to download any application.

Brandclub  promises retailers that they can deliver reach to consumers within the proximity, and  create an 8-fold increase in footfalls.

 Says Ravi B R,  COO & Co-Founder:BrandClub will help retailers fill a missing gap in their media plan –  a  highly effective hyper local media that deliver footfalls provide critical real time analytics. “


Mobile advertising solutions company TELiBrahma, is a venture funded company based in Bangalore focused around contextual mobile services. TELiBrahma’s Buzz is the world’s largest mobile network away from the operator catering to 100Million+ footfalls across the country.  



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TeliBrahma launches a digital media tool for retailers to target nearby customers
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