Society for Broadband Professionals adds India footprint

 New  Delhi January 16 2013:  The formation of   an  India-based extension of SCTE (the Society for Broadband Professionals) was announced today on the sidelines of the Convergence India infotech expo.

It is expected to boost the future of the Indian broadband industry by supporting increasing numbers of trained and accredited engineers and technicians in the country. Membership will be open to all engineers and technicians engaged in the broadband industry in India and a corporate membership option is available for relevant organisations throughout the country. SCTE will represent members’ interests, provide a focal point of information and will also run lecture meetings across India.

The names of nine founder members of SCTE India were announced: Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group ( organisers of Convergence India); VC Khare, Cable TV Industry Observer and Advisor; Akhil Mathur, Indusind Media & Communications Ltd;

Bikash Madan, Vice President, John Mezzalingua Associates;Kannan Krishnan, Motorola Mobility ; Kuldeep Kaul, Horizon Broadcast Electronics;  Jayant Changrani, NDS Services; Vikas Kapoor, CommScope and Rahul Nehra, Exset.

Said SCTE President,  Roger Blakeway:  “SCTE India, and its nine founder members, will drive the professional development and accreditation of India’s wireline engineers and technicians as well as provide a networking platform and knowledge base to support members across India.”

Added Prem Behl:  “We are delighted to be involved with helping the SCTE to form this exciting new Society for the Indian industry. We believe this will have a significant impact on the Indian broadband industry as it develops to meet the digital expectations of the population.”

Details concerning the benefits of membership can be found  here. Website: