Do your own data warehousing on the Web: Greenplum

Reliance Communications, Future Group, harness enterprise data cloud solution. More enterprises should have their head in the clouds, says data solutions and analytics provider Greenplum—and when it comes to managing multiple data bases, you can, largely, ‘do-it-yourself’, harnessing new age cloud computing solutions. 
The San Mateo, California (US)-based data base specialist has seen its enterprise data cloud solution fuel large Indian players like RelianceCommunications and the Future Group ( Pantaloons, Big Bazaar etc) as well as the country’s largest mobile value added services provider, the Bangalore-based OnMobile.
The GreenPlum database ( version 3.3 has just been introduced)  uses massively parallel processing (MPP) to fuel data warehousing solutions which can seamlessly mix-n-match physical systems as well as web-based cloud computing enterprises.   The self service or DIY elements of their solutions are key Greenplum differentiators, explained Keith Budge, Singapore-based Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan and Kalyan Roy, Mumbai-based Director ( Sales) for India and South Asia in a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline earlier this week.
Greenplum technology has been deployed by some of the largest enterprises: like  e-Bay where it monitors every single click     at the world’s biggest e-commerce web site… creating a 6.5 petabyte data base. (A petabyte is million gigabytes). But   the scalability of the solution ensures that it works just as well for smaller data bases -- of 1 to 2 terabytes – that are common in India, Roy and Budge added. The average size of their customer operations tended to be in the 20 to 200 terabyte range ( A terabyte is 1000 gigabytes).
Here is a link to a recent ( June 2009) white paper from Greenplum  on Enterprise data clouds: data warehousing and analytics:
( Bangalore July 11 2009)