From left, Pramod Arora of PVR Cinemas,Don Savant and Preetham Daniel of IMAX at the opening of the IMAX theatre of PVR Forum in Bangalore, November 2 2012 ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)
PVR brings digital IMAX screen to Bangalore

Bangalore, November 3, 2012: India’s largest cinema multiplex, the 11-screen PVR Forum in Bangalore, has launched a digital IMAX theatre, the first  location within the PVR chain, to bring this wide format experience . After Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad, this makes Bangalore the fifth Indian city to host an IMAX theatre. The opening release  in Bangalore, is the IMAX version of the new James Bond movie, SkyFall.
PVR also plans to launch new IMAX theatres in Mumbai and Delhi as well as a second IMAX theatre in Bangalore.

Says Pramod Arora, PVR’s Group President and CEO: “There is a growing appetite for premium entertainment in India, and with massive popularity of the IMAX brand worldwide, it was time to introduce this experience to our patrons. It is one of the world’s most recognized premium entertainment brands and it fits perfectly with PVR’s mission to offer our guests the ultimate in movie-going experiences. It gives me immense pleasure to initiate our association with IMAX. PVR is revolutionizing the Indian entertainment space by bringing the best technological innovations to provide our customers the ultimate movie-going experience. IMAX is one of the world’s premium recognized entertainment brands and we are positive that our association with them will be well-received by our patrons.”
Adds Don Savant, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, IMAX: “We are delighted to celebrate the opening of the new IMAX theatre with our valued partner PVR, a leader in the Indian exhibition industry that shares our commitment to delivering unforgettable cinematic experiences. India is a strategic market for IMAX and together with partners such as PVR, we plan to will continue to seize the growth opportunities that exist in this market and deliver the best of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies in IMAX to more and more of the most passionate film fans across the country.” He clarified that the PVR installation was a digital IMAX installation, capable of playing 3D IMAX films as well.
Preetham Daniel, Director Sales for IMAX, India and SE Asia told IndiaTechOnline that IMAX would soon see 10 screens in India.

TechNote: Digital IMAX is a new format offered by IMAX since 2008, an alternative to the original 15/70 analog film system,. IMAX digital uses twin filmless digital projectors of what is known as ‘2k’ resolution, can present either 2D or 3D content. However the screen size is somewhat smaller than the original mural-type analog IMAX screen. Where film makers don’t natively shoot with IMAX cameras, the company works directly with filmmakers to enhance the movie to IMAX, using its Digital Re-Mastering process .