6 India-based supercomputers in global Top 500

Tata's Eka and CDAC's ParamYuva, remain India's fastest  platforms

The Eka Supercomputer at the Tata-funded Computational  Research Labs (CRL)  and Param Yuva assembled by  the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), both Pune based, remain the fastest indigenous computing platforms  in India, according to the Top500 global list released this week.  They were built in India using HP computing elements.  However the number of India-based systems in  the twice-yearly compilation   has slipped from 8 to 6 since November last.

At 132.8 teraflops, the Eka is ranked  18,  down from 14 last time, while the Param Yuva Xeon Cluster is  no 109 this week at its unchanged rated   sustained speed of  37.804 teraflops.   In the last bi-annual rating it was  no 69... evidence that while  machines may sustain  their performance, the goal posts of supercomputing keep shifting.

The other four India based machines are IBM and HP systems  whose location is not  mentioned... they are  known to be used by  private players in  the  multimedia arena as well as by international  IT companies who have an India development centre.


The world's fastest computer remains the Roadrunner at Los Alamos Labs USA, an IBM system that remains rated since November 2008 at  1105 teraflops or 1.105 petaflops.  Unchanged at no. 2 is a Cray Jaguar system clocking 1.059 petaflops at Oakridge  National Lab, US.  The new entrant at no. 3 is  a Germany based  IBM BlueGene/P system  called Juropa clocking 825.5 TF.

Top 500  full list: http://www.top500.org/lists/2009/06


( June 24 2009)