A view of the Appfest at Bangalore. Inset From left:John DeVaan, Bhaskar Pramanik of Microsoft accept the Guiness certificate from Paul O'Neill ,
Microsoft's Windows 8 Appfest in Bangalore becomes a Guiness World record

Bangalore, September 22, 2012: A world record was set here today, when 2567 developers worked non stop for 18 hours at Microsoft-sponsored Windows Appfest to create applications for the new Windows 8 operating system. Paul O’Neill, Vice President Guinness World Records Commercial announced Microsoft’s entry into the Guinness World Records for the Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location. He said: "The spectacle of thousands of developers toiling through the night has demonstrated great commitment to their work.”

Added Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik:: “This Guinness Record at Windows AppFest is a great accomplishment by all the developers who participated. We would like to thank everyone involved. Over the course of the 18 hours of the Windows AppFest we saw some outstanding talent and many innovative apps being developed. I am certain that the success of Windows AppFest will ignite the minds of developers across India to leverage the opportunity and global reach of the Windows platform.”
And Jon DeVaan, Corporate Vice President, Windows Development, Microsoft said, “Developers are at the center of Microsoft’s success. And India is home to some of the world’s most talented developers. We are focused on enabling developers to succeed as they build the next generation of apps.”